South Shore

So today's tour has been the South Shore. Being the half-awake human that I have been recently I didn't exactly know what to expect from the tour today, after a impromptu nap on the coach we visited one of the waterfalls before moving onto a glacier (first coldest thing I have seen in Iceland the... Continue Reading →


Iceland: Golden Circle

After finally departing from Ulfljotsvatn's Scout centre we hit the Golden Circle tour. No resting today! We started off with the waterfall at Gulfoss before heading to the Geysir and finally along to Thingvellier to have a look at the Tetonic plates, not very often you can literally be in two places at once (as... Continue Reading →

Iceland: So until 2021

The 15th World Scout Moot (moooooooooot) officially closed yesterday afternoon and us IST folk have been busy taking everything down ready for the site to be ready for the public and Scouts to use again (locals have already started pitching ready for a bank holiday here and the biggest camping weekend) It's been really exciting... Continue Reading →

Iceland: Blown away by Selfoss

Since the beginning of the Moot in Reykjavik I have been to Selfoss, our expedition centre for a few days to be part of the IST team there. The strangest moment was finding out about the frequency of Earthquakes in Selfoss and the impact should there be an Earthquake during the Moot and also the... Continue Reading →

Iceland: The journey begins…

For those I've seen at some point the past 18 months will be well aware that today is the day I travel to Iceland for the 15th World Scout Moot. If quite weird I'm not worried about being put into a different country where I don't really know anyone or just finding people in the same... Continue Reading →

Morph’s 40!

As you might be aware Ardman are a bit of a big deal round Bristol and The Mall at Cribbs Causeway have a little exhibition on to celebrate 40 years of Morph! Me and the other half visited post-hangriness! ​​ The exhibition is on until 5th September and great if you like to look at... Continue Reading →

Travel Washing Machine

With only 15 days to go and a weight limit on the kit I will need to take to Iceland, I decided I needed to find a way of washing clothes whilst camping out there giving me the luxury of not needing to take as much clothes for the 18 days I'm away. Originally I... Continue Reading →

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