The end of a long awaited adventure

Here we are, it’s the final full day of the Iceland adventure (4:30am departure from the hotel tomorrow).

Today’s been about reflection, final exploration of Reyjakvik and souviner shopping. 

There’s a few things I’ve learnt about myself during this adventure which will impact my life when I’m home;

  • I’m not very good at being a lonely traveller, I had a unpleasant experience in the first few days of being here in Iceland which made me feel very nervous to go anywhere.
  • I am good at regaining my confidence back, today I was able to be independent again.
  • I’ve eaten too much food, really shouldn’t eat for the sake of eating.
  • I make home wherever I’m going to stay.
  • I’m really not that fussed over earthquakes, although spending time in a country where they have daily earthquakes sound scary, the ones they have are tiny. Oh and I’m not fussed at the thought of a volcano eurpting, its nature, it does its thing.
  • Finally I can get through the worse of back pain without taking painkillers. My chiropractor has helped but I’ve helped myself whilst out here and I am glad that I have been able to carry on!

Iceland you have truly been wonderful and a unforgettable experience! You are a beautiful part of the world.


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