Iceland: So until 2021

The 15th World Scout Moot (moooooooooot) officially closed yesterday afternoon and us IST folk have been busy taking everything down ready for the site to be ready for the public and Scouts to use again (locals have already started pitching ready for a bank holiday here and the biggest camping weekend)

The final evening for participants

It’s been really exciting and an eyeopening experience being part of the IST. I’ve found the work you put into supporting the Moot very rewarding, when you see the organisers and participants being grateful and having fun you truly feel touched knowing you did you bit to make things happen.

IST team from Selfoss expedition centre

The site has now all been cleared up so all there is left to do is have some dinner and celebrate together as IST for the final night here at Ulflovastn! I’m not going to miss the flies, was always glad when it was windy.


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