Iceland: Blown away by Selfoss

Since the beginning of the Moot in Reykjavik I have been to Selfoss, our expedition centre for a few days to be part of the IST team there. The strangest moment was finding out about the frequency of Earthquakes in Selfoss and the impact should there be an Earthquake during the Moot and also the risk of a volcano erupting (thankfully we would be unaffected by any volcano eruptions). Learning very quickly that our version of a risk assessment on camp is very different to one you would complete in Iceland…

Our time here in Selfoss has been cut short by one day but it’s very exciting to be getting to the main campsite where all 5,000 (approx) of us will come together for the remainder of the Moot.

Last night was challenging for all as the strong winds took down and damaged several tents meaning that for ease we moved to a nearby school. (It’s interesting to see how 400 people fit into one single sports hall for the night.

Glad to see a rainbow

The decision was made this afternoon that instead of spending a second night crammed into the school we would move onto the main campsite which all participants and IST will camp at in Ul(cannot pronounce it… I’ll edit as soon as I find the name). I’m strangely quite excited about getting to the main campsite.

So going back to yesterday I got the chance to visit the Geysir and Golden Circle waterfall (even though I’ll be doing this again after the Moot, but the weather might change!) I originally thought I would be really anxious waiting for the hot springs to sprout but I enjoyed watching them, usually when water comes bursting out the ground a water pipe has burst and the whole street’s thrown into chaos!

Looking at the Golden Circle waterfall

15th World Scout Moot


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