Iceland: The start of the Icelandic adventure 

Today feels like a learning day as I start to settle into the country I will be calling home for the next 17 days. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far…

  • After meeting people from Scotland I have learnt that the weather in Iceland is similar to that up the very North. It’s certainly a bit windy but thankfully no rain yet. (Might have to road trip up to Scotland one day seeing as the furthest I have travel up the UK to date is Sheffield).
  • Everything sounds expensive, the equivalent of 1 krona in pounds is £0.093. But it is also quite expensive too.
  • Canadians really are super friendly (I haven’t met an unfriendly one yet)
  • You have to wash naked before you go for a swim in the pool. This is something that I was a little worried about but once I was in the changing room and washing I wasn’t worried at all. Plus I feel super duper clean! Only nerving thing is the pool attendants who have to watch the showers to check you have washed properly… bit weird.

On the subject of the pool it is amazing! Only downside is hopping from the main pool and the little hot pools can be chilly but it’s worth it just to jump into a nice 40c pool. Still naturally heated swimming pools are nice (shame about the sulpher smell)

Bagpipes at 10pm

So the evening we had our IST welcome party which consisted of a few speeches, a Icelandic comedian teaching us how to be Icelandic and a group of musicians who got us all singing along to Wonderwall and Baby one more time and to close the evening we had DJ DJ play some good old cheesy pop songs to dance to (the Australians dance more than I thought I did!)


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