Travel Washing Machine

With only 15 days to go and a weight limit on the kit I will need to take to Iceland, I decided I needed to find a way of washing clothes whilst camping out there giving me the luxury of not needing to take as much clothes for the 18 days I’m away.

Originally I did Google ‘travel washing machine’ and ‘washing clothes travelling’ which does come up with some great inventions including a foot pumped machine and a wash bag. But the cost of these I couldn’t justify on spending, so I set out to try and make my own contraption whilst being inspired by my Google findings…

Quick trip up the local shopping centre and I came back with laundry detergent liquid (thank goodness for development from the soap powder days!) and a dry sack.

Quick run around the house and I managed to find some clothes around the house which needed washing despite being clever and having run a clothes wash in the washing machine as normal earlier in the morning.

I picked around 5 items varying from a shirt, pyjama bottoms, a vest top and socks, popped them in the dry sack and added a small amount of detergent (no idea how much I put in but I think it would have been the equivalent of 3 tablespoons?) I then filled up the bag with water up to until I could see the water just above the clothes. Rolled the bag up, clipped it shut and shook it for around 5-10 minutes (I think it was more around 5 minutes for me but only because I was conscious of the neighbourhood’s cat watching me).

After washing I then squeezed as much water out as possible from the clothes and hung it up to dry (must remember that Iceland won’t have the luxury of the actual summer we’re currently having and the odd’s of raining are high).

Got the clothes drying on the line, probably should have squeezed it out a little better but I checked on it and it seems alright! Only downside is it takes longer to dry than a normal washing machine due to the amount of water clothes hold when not spun around at speeds faster than I can spin or shake! 😁 Either way I’m impressed and thankful that I have a solution to keep me squeaky clean whilst away 🙂


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