Winterā€™s coming… time to get some work done!

I know I havenā€™t posted much about my campervan yet (despite this being the reason I mainly started the blog) but here we go! So back in January (days before my birthday so I guess this was my present to myself) I finally got a VW T4, the start of a dream and a challenge! Okay I actually wanted a T1 or T2 but Iā€™d … Continue reading Winterā€™s coming… time to get some work done!

Alright I’ll agree you can achieve so much when you’re positive

Now I’m one of these people who are very good at putting on a happy face and getting through a day without anyone knowing what’s really going on (let’s face it who really wants to know I got upset and feel like I’m having an awful day because it took me three attempts to leave the house with everything I needed). But today taught me … Continue reading Alright I’ll agree you can achieve so much when you’re positive

The end of a long awaited adventure

Here we are, it’s the final full day of the Iceland adventure (4:30am departure from the hotel tomorrow). Today’s been about reflection, final exploration of Reyjakvik and souviner shopping.  There’s a few things I’ve learnt about myself during this adventure which will impact my life when I’m home; I’m not very good at being a lonely traveller, I had a unpleasant experience in the first … Continue reading The end of a long awaited adventure

Golden Circle

After finally departing from Ulfljotsvatn’s Scout centre we hit the Golden Circle tour.  We started off with the waterfall at Gulfoss before heading to the Geysir and finally along to Thingvellier to have a look at the Tetonic plates, not very often you can literally be in two places at once! The evening finished with all the IST from th UK coming together for the … Continue reading Golden Circle

So until 2021

The 15th World Scout Moot (moooooooooot) officially closed yesterday afternoon and us IST folk have been busy taking everything down ready for the site to be ready for the public and Scouts to use again (locals have already started pitching ready for a bank holiday here and the biggest camping weekend) It’s been really exciting and an eyeopening experience being part of the IST. I’ve … Continue reading So until 2021

Day 1 on the Icelandic adventureĀ 

Today feels like a learning day as I start to settle into the country I will be calling home for the next 17 days. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far… After meeting people from Scotland I have learnt that the weather in Iceland is similar to that up the very North. It’s certainly a bit windy but thankfully no rain yet. Everything sounds expensive, the … Continue reading Day 1 on the Icelandic adventureĀ